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Property Protection & Reduced Impact

Our equipment is capable of mulching trees saplings kudzu and any other overgrown obstacle. We can provide you with a clean fresh slate start any construction project that you have in mind. Turn that overgrown property into a nature trail and or carve out a clear walking path. With our mulcher, we can easily clear 2 solid acres per day chipping in mulching as we go.

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In the past land-clearing involved a lot of heavy equipment such as bulldozers, backhoes, stump grinders, and would shippers. While being expensive to maintain and fuel, they were also extremely heavy. Using these large industrial machines disturbed the ground heavily.

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Our equipment is the latest and most effective, this allows a single machine (bobcat with mulching attachment) to accomplish all that work while protecting the land and reducing the cost. Our grading services can handle any level of construction your project might need. Reclamation mulching followed by light grading can quickly handle most landscape renovation projects. However, we can also provide serious excavation work with our Caterpillar 953 track loader.

Clean Acres Land Management LLC Providing Best Quality Land Clearing & Vegetation Management for Paulding, Cobb, Bartow, Floyd, and Fayette Georgia.
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