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Contractor Services

Contractor & Commercial Services

Clean Acres Land Management services are available for commercial services and all subcontractors. Large-scale projects which involve land clearing and underbrush removal are our specialty.

We can provide quick, effective, and thorough property cleaning that will allow for easy access for surveys and construction work. New subdivisions, parks, or commercial lots cleaned and prepped.
We provide Grading and Back-filling services for landscaping and construction projects. Once your property has been cleared we can re-shape it through grading and back-filling, insuring the proper channeling of water and drainage. Back-filling and building retaining walls can be essential to repairing driveways or cutting in lasting access roads. Whether your next step is gravel, paving, or planting we will get the ground ready.

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Our services are available throughout the weekend. All work is performed by experienced personnel, and we are fully licensed and insured. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

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CALM 2017 0925
Clean Acres Land Management LLC Providing Best Quality Land Clearing & Vegetation Management for Paulding, Cobb, Bartow, Floyd, and Fayette Georgia.